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Saturday, October 27, 2012


  1. NAGBUKEL CAVE at Diffun, Quirino is perfect for retreats. Local tourists usually visit during the holy week for picnic, hiking communing with nature. The place is being maintained and developed by the Lamplighter, a religious sect. The cave is four kilometer away from the capital town.
  2. AGLIPAY CAVES AND PROVINCIAL FOREST PARK promises a special venue for communing with nature. A series of 38 caves, seven of which have been developed as tourist spots. Located in the midst of rolling hills and verdant forest, the caves boast of peculiar characteristics of their own such as an underground spring and well-preserved stalagmites and stalactites. The caves interlink with each other and run to a depth of about 20 meters. The place is recommended for camping activities and outdoor functions especially for big groups.
  3. GOVERNOR RAPIDS is famous for its gigantic perpendicular walls of limestone jutting out from one side of the Cagayan River framing the Sierra Madre Mountain and its swift turbulent deep blue water is perfect venue for kayaking, white river rafting, swimming and fishing. The riverside offers a suitable picnic ground with magnificent view of the river this part of the region and is also home to Agtas or Negritos.
  4. AGLIPAY TOWN is a historic town having patterned its named from Fr. Gregorio Aglipay, a Philippine Independent priest that rebelled against the Spanish Colonizers in his time and settled at the banks of Aladdin River in Aglipay. It is home to Claridita Falls at Sitio Diawe, Barangay Vistoria and the Addalam Dam and Watershed.
  5. NAGTIPUNAN TOWN is the home of lush virgin forest and is being developed as a gateway to Aurora Province through Barangay Sangbay. About 54 kilometers from Cabarroguis, the town is a recommended venue for camping and eco-tourism activities. It is also home to the famous rock formation called Bimmapor, a rock formation similar to a ship’s stern which is about to sink. The area is recommended for rock climbing trekking, swimming, rafting, excursion and fishing, among others. It is less than an hour’s drive from the Municipal Hall where overnight accommodation is available. The Cagayan River this part of the town is suitable for white water rafting, kayaking and fly-fishing.
  6. BISANGAL FALLS in Maddela rest on a virgin forestland. The place serves as a sanctuary for endangered species of wildlife and is located 35 kilometers from Cabarroguis, the capital town. The falls offers several drop basins for bathing and picnic huts are available for excursions.
  7. MACTOL FALLS/SAN PUGO FALLS. This towering falls about 50 meters high spills into a shimmering basin about twenty-two meters deep. All who can appreciate nature in its untouched rare form should make the trip to Mactol Falls in San Pugo, Nagtipunan.
  8. JOSE ANCHETA FALLS located at Barangay Jose Ancheta in Maddela and towers at about 30 feet. Located 18 kilometers from the town center and about 10 minutes trek to the falls.

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